Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God.

Sweet milk pimples and tiny toes.  Those tiny fingers that you are completely and unequivocally wrapped around. That sweet baby fuzz and the most perfectly placed cowlick you’ve ever seen. These are the details that mean everything. And these are also the precious details that we seem to forget as our new baby grows so quickly (it's unfair how quick this time passes).


That’s where I come in and that’s how I can help you. When you look at your newborn images, I want you to be transported back to those sweet early days. You know the ones- the ones where you just stand there looking at your perfect baby wondering how you got so lucky. How you created this sweet, beautiful soul that is so pure, so innocent, and just so perfect. That’s exactly what your newborn portraits should do- they should evoke emotion and capture just how absolutely perfect your baby is.

When you book a newborn session with Amber D’Anne Portrait Design, we’ll do just that. We’ll capture those sweet details so you can remember everything- even when your baby is walking out the door and about to start a life of their own. We’ll capture exactly how your baby is…in this moment. Forever.