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2020- A Year In Review | Moscow Idaho Photographer

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one."

~ Brad Paisley

Hello friends!

Whew...we FINALLY made it- the last day of 2020! It's been one crazy year to say the least and I am glad to put it behind us. That said, even though it had plenty of lows, it's also had it's fair share of highs as well- of which I am extremely thankful for. And I pray that you have found good points to add to how memorable 2020 has been as well.

Early in 2020, our family found out that we were expecting a new addition and at the end of August, he finally made his grand entrance. Brayden's arrival has certainly turned our world upside down in the absolute best way possible. He really is the final piece of our family puzzle and such a great little guy. Plus seeing his big sister interact with him really makes my mama heart completely melt. If you've been by the studio lately for a consultation, you've probably met the little dude. I've been blessed with the opportunity to take him to work with me and I'm certainly going to take full advantage of getting all those sweet baby snuggles while I can. Speaking of the business...

2020 certainly brought a lot of changes for Amber D'Anne Portrait Design with losses as well as new opportunities. But the biggest change being the closure of the Potlatch studio and the opening of our Moscow, Idaho studio. While I loved being in the small town of Potlatch, it unfortunately wasn't working out for several reasons and I really couldn't be happier with the new studio. Originally I had planned a grand opening celebration but that has since been put on hold due to COVID.

Like many people and business owners alike, 2020 brought quite a few hardships for my business. Early on, my business was closed down for several weeks and the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a loss of at least 50% of business as I am not currently able to offer Fresh 48 hospital sessions. That said, it was still a year full of beautiful mamas, adorable babies, and amazing families. And I really couldn't feel more blessed and thankful for all of the support.

For me, despite everything, this was a tremendous year of growth. I feel as though I've grown not only as a photographer but as a business owner. By the grace of God, sheer willpower, and maybe a few strategic moves, I'm thankful that my business survived yet another year. And I for one cannot wait to see what 2021 holds. A huge "thank you" to everyone that has supported me for the last 6 years and I wish you all health, love, and prosperity in the new year! Amber D'Anne


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