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5 reasons you need to book a maternity session | Moscow Idaho Maternity Photographer

Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk to you all about something that I've not only seen asked a lot lately in some local groups but something I've had potential clients reach out and ask as well. And that is: why should I even book a maternity session? Is it really worth the investment? As a photographer that specializes in maternity portraiture, my obvious answer would be an emphatic YES. But I wanted to approach this not only as a photographer but also as a woman who is currently 33 weeks along with her second baby (and as a plus size woman who is very self conscious in front of the camera). So, without further delay, here are my top reasons why you absolutely need to book that professional maternity session you've been thinking about.

1. It's a good excuse to be pampered and treated like a queen

Pregnancy is tough and it's absolutely exhausting. And chances are, you haven't had a chance to really get pampered and treated like the goddess you are in while. And the sad truth is, not many women, myself included, feel like themselves during their pregnancies (between achy feet, sore backs, and tired legs it can be hard to feel like our normal selves). Yes, it's a magical, special, and very transformative time in our lives but if I'm being completely honest- it's not always glamorous (again with those achy feet, bloated everything, amazing stretch marks, and lets not forgot that awesome pregnancy gas, lol). But having a maternity session with a professional maternity photographer is the perfect excuse to get yourself pampered, really feel like yourself again, and be treated like a queen. It's an opportunity to really see that stunning pregnancy glow (that isn't just from perspiration) and feel gorgeous.

I know that feeling of not feeling attractive and not even having the energy to style my hair (hello ponytails and sweat pants) when I'm pregnant. And I also know how it feels to get all dolled up for a maternity session (either a DIY glam session at home or getting the full salon treatment prior to your session) and let me tell feels damn good. And even if you don't typically wear dresses (I sure don't) as soon as you slip into a well fitted, stylish gown...something changes. You feel unstoppable. You feel empowered. You feel like you can literally take on the entire world. And that my friends, is one of the best feelings when your 36 weeks along.

2. Each pregnancy should be celebrated

Maternity portraits are the perfect way to celebrate the baby that you are about to meet, the love you have for that baby and your growing family, and to celebrate the strength of your incredible body. Your body is doing amazing things and growing a human being. Think about it...your heart is literally beating for two bodies and sustaining life for two humans. Your body is powerful and should be celebrated when it's doing such a sacred, tough, and beautiful job. They are also a great way to celebrate the anticipation of your new doesn't matter if it is your first child or your sixth child, that anticipation and love should be celebrated. Besides, your family is about to change forever and it's a perfect time to capture this amazing journey your family is going on.

3. Maternity pictures provide a lasting legacy

One thing I absolutely love is being able to look back on my first pregnancy with my daughter Adalynn. And even more important- SHE loves to look back on my maternity portraits. She's only 3 but every time she sees them she smiles and says "that's a baby me right there in your tummy!" Now that we're expecting a little boy in September, she likes to compare how I looked when I was pregnant with her versus now with her brother. And I absolutely love that I chose to get maternity portraits done when I was pregnant with Adalynn because she loves looking at them. She loves knowing that she was loved and cherished before she even arrived. And I personally think that's a pretty cool legacy to share with and leave my children.

4. Believe it or're going to miss this.

My oldest is 3.5 years old and the most memorable thing I actually remember from my first pregnancy was how much I just wanted to be DONE with it at the end. But shortly after she was here, I remember how much I genuinely MISSED carrying her and being pregnant. I missed the feeling of those kicks, no matter how big or how small. And as time went on, I forgot just how it felt to be pregnant- I forgot just how those little kicks felt. I forgot how it felt when I felt my baby move for the first time. And even with this current pregnancy, I keep hearing myself say, "gosh I don't remember feeling like this with Adalynn. And I can't believe how much I missed it." Friends, even if you don't love being day you ARE going to miss it and you'll want to remember what it felt like- maternity portraits can absolutely help take you back. And that is what makes portraiture so powerful- it takes you back to a moment in time- and it's a beautiful thing.

5. Booking with a professional is worth the investment

One question I see a lot, especially on local groups, is "are maternity pictures worth the price?" and this, my friends, is a really loaded question with a lot of factors to consider. I get it, babies are expensive. And a portrait session with a professional photographer can come at a higher price tag than anticipated. But yes, in my opinion, booking a maternity session with a professional maternity photographer is absolutely worth it. Aside from the above points, a professional photographer that specializes in maternity likely has a client wardrobe available for your use (so you don't have to worry about buying a special outfit that will be used once or twice), AND they know how to pose you in a way that accentuates your baby bump and curves in a flattering way. As someone who just had her husband try to take a few photos (prior to the real shoot with a professional), trust me when I say; hire the professional- it isn't something you will ever regret and absolutely worth every penny. Although...I gotta say he did a pretty good job (that's one he took below...after a lot of post processing work on my end, lol).

There you have it folks- my top 5 reasons on why you need to have a professional maternity portrait session. Even if you are the shoot. And don't ever feel like you are too big or too small to have a professional maternity session (both of these are things I get often with inquiries). Celebrate you. Celebrate your baby. Celebrate love. Celebrate everything without restriction and hesitation. Why? Because YOU are worth it, mama. Until next time! * Amber D'Anne

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