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Choosing the perfect newborn photographer for you

Today I wanted to share a few tips I have for you when it comes to choosing the perfect newborn photographer for you, even if it isn’t ADPD. Choosing a newborn photographer is a highly personal decision and can be a very difficult decision with all of the options available so these are my top 5 tips (and the tips that I go by when I'm choosing my own newborn photographer) on how to choose the perfect photographer for you.

1. Type of newborn photography: There are three main types of newborn photography- posed studio photography, documentary, and lifestyle. Posed newborn photography is a very specialized genre- if this is the style you are wanting, you’ll want to find a professional photographer that specializes in this specific genre. Photographers that specialize in posed newborn photography are usually specifically trained in newborn posing safety in order to keep your sweet baby completely and perfectly safe during your session. Please note that not all photographers have invested in this important training and if posed incorrectly, your newborn can be easily injured with unsafe posing practices. Documentary and lifestyle newborn photography are typically more relaxed and either done in the home or at the hospital (Fresh 48). Typically the focus will be on family imagery and connection. ADPD currently offers posed studio newborn portraits and documentary style Fresh 48 sessions.

2. Photographer’s style: Find a photographer whose newborn work you absolutely love. Each photographer has their own individual style- some prefer brighter images while others prefer darker and moodier imagery so make sure you love their style and can imagine it hanging on your nursery or living room walls. You also want to make sure that they have a consistent portfolio with samples from several different sessions. This helps you understand the product and style that you will be receiving with your final artwork. There is nothing worse than hiring a photographer based off of a ‘lucky’ session and being underwhelmed with the final product. Do not hesitate to ask to see several gallery samples to look for consistency.

3. Professionalism: Check to make sure that your photographer meets all professional standards like training, professional gear, business licensing, and proper business insurance. Please keep in mind that professional photographers that meet state registration and insurance requirements are more likely to be the more expensive options.

4. Portrait Experience: The overall experience that you will be getting when hiring a professional or booking a particular type of newborn session is something that should be considered when you are looking for the perfect newborn photographer. Are you looking for something laid back and easy or something a little more luxurious? Each photographer will offer a different overall experience and it is completely up to you on what you are looking for. Posed newborn sessions are normally done in a professional studio setting and lifestyle or documentary newborn sessions are done in your own home environment or at the hospital.

Another factor in the portrait experience is whether or not your photographer offers just digitals, just prints, or a combination of both. If you have your heart set on just getting digital files, a photographer that only offers prints may not be the best fit - and the opposite can be said as well for someone wanting printed artwork. Many photographers today offer both options but make sure you ask before booking so you aren’t left with any surprises. At Amber D'Anne Portrait Design, we know how important printed artwork AND digital imagery is to our clients so we offer both. Each session with ADPD comes with a specific amount of digital images with print release with the option to purchase museum quality artwork through an online gallery.

5. Budget: Hiring a professional newborn photographer to capture your little one’s first portraits is an investment and as stated earlier, the majority of professional photographers, especially newborn photographers, are going to be more expensive than other options. Typically, you can expect to invest $500 and up for a full session with a professional newborn photographer in our area though some photographers may offer smaller starter packages (ADPD does offer a pretty awesome starter package). Many photographers also offer easy installment plans as well to help with the investment.


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