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Meet Baby Brayden | Moscow Idaho Newborn Photographer

Hello friends! Our sweet baby, Brayden Alexander, made his grand entrance into this world a little early on August 29th weighing in at exactly 8 pounds after about 7 hours of labor (most of which I slept through thanks to an AMAZING anesthesiologist named Greg)! When we all woke up on the morning of August 28th, Adalynn came up to me and declared that her brother was going to be here at "sixty forty o'clock" which she confirmed meant 6:40 that evening. While he wasn't HERE at 6:40 pm...labor started at precisely 6:40 pm that night which earned a smug little 'I told you mom' from Adalynn as she was eating her spaghetti. How she knew it...I'll never know but at this point- I'm not going to question it since she's called everything (right down to the fact I was pregnant). I did manage to ask her for some lotto numbers- unfortunately she wouldn't give me any. After getting her off to her friends house, we made our way to the hospital and he was born a few hours later at a little after 2:00 AM.

We are so in love with him and Addy just absolutely adores being a big sister (and she makes an amazing big sister) and says she has the "bestest" baby brother (which she has affectionately nicknamed "Mr. Dude"). At present time, we are trying to enjoy some family time and figuring out what our new normal is juggling two kiddos. That said, ADPD is currently booking maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions through January 2021 as well as fall family sessions (through Nov. 15th only). For booking information, please feel free to contact us- we would love to hear from you! Until next time! Amber D'Anne


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