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Meet Baby Payzlie | Moscow Idaho Newborn Photographer

Hello friends! Well, we finally made it to 2021 after the absolute longest year in the history of forever. I swear... I wasn't sure if we were going to switch over to 2021 or if 2020 would magically sprout a 13th month as we counted down. It honestly wouldn't have surprised me if I'm being completely honest. That said- I hope we all have a wonderful 2021!

Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing sweet little Payzlie's newborn portraits (her mama's maternity session can be found here) and this little lady completely stole my heart. She was the absolute sweetest little one that loved to be all snuggled up! While she did make me work a little harder for some poses (she wasn't a huge fan of being on her tummy), her gallery is one of my favorites of 2020.

Her mommy and daddy chose dusty rose and marigold yellow for their color scheme which made my heart soar because I do love me some yellow (and sadly no one chooses it)! They also chose a moon and stars theme (moons were a huge hit in 2020 and will be again in 2021) which gave me the perfect opportunity to bust out some new props! We are currently booking our 2021 maternity and newborn clients. If you are expecting a new little one this year, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to call us at the studio or send us an email to find out more information! Until next time! Amber D'Anne

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