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The Difference Between Sessions | Moscow Idaho Newborn Photographer

Hello friends! Today I wanted to pop on and write a quick little post about what type of newborn sessions we provide at the studio. My hope for this is that it will help make your decision a little bit easier when it comes to booking the right newborn session for YOU. Currently, the studio offers three different newborn sessions- one hospital session (Fresh 48) and two studio sessions. For the sake of this post, we're going to just focus on the studio sessions that are offered at the ADPD studio- the PETITE and the DELUXE newborn sessions.

The PETITE newborn session They say that great things come in small packages- and this session definitely follows that age old adage. As the name suggests...the PETITE session is just that- a shorter version of the DELUXE session. This session is about 90 minutes from start to finish (including feeding, etc.) and features WRAPPED (SWADDLED) only images and is for BABY ONLY. This session does not offer parent/sibling/family images. The reason for this is to maximize workflow and efficiency. Each session is tailored to the individual client with a particular color scheme in mind (example: blue and creams for boys) and your baby will be wrapped with different wraps and styles to provide a lovely array of imagery. Typical galleries are 12-20 images total with between 2-3 different sets. Galleries will receive a variety of close ups, full wrapped body, and detail shots. Example of wrapped poses:

The DELUXE newborn session This session is our full studio newborn session. It includes wrapped images, prop images, unwrapped images, detail images, and family images and is up to 4 hours from start to finish. Just like our PETITE session, the DELUXE session is tailored to our clients desires going off of their preferred color story or theming (although we do try to keep the emphasis on baby and not a bunch of props for the majority of the session). Typical galleries include 30-45 images depending on your baby and if you have opted for family poses.

So...which session is right for you? If you still aren't sure what session is right for you, don't be afraid to give us a call or send us an email to discuss your goals, etc. for your session! Until next time!

Amber D'Anne


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