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Relax mama, we've got you

No seriously, we really do mean relax. We know that being a mother is an exhausting (but SO worthwhile) job and for that reason, client care is at the forefront of our business.  At Amber D'Anne Portrait Design, we want your time with us to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you, as well as a safe and comfortable experience for your precious baby and we strive to make this the easiest most stress free newborn portrait experience you'll ever have. We offer a full range of wonderful amenities for you and your baby to make your session easy and stress free- from comfy boppy pillows and a comfortable nursing/feeding area to an endless supply of diapers and wipes -  so that all you have to do come picture day is show up, relax, and let us handle everything for you. 


Newborn Studio Amenities

Dedicated newborn only studio and quality handcrafted props

Our dedicated newborn studio has been designed with baby's safety and comfort in mind as well as Amber's creative workflow. Our newborn studio offers a safe, sanitized, distraction free environment, away from the main shoot area, in order to optimize the newborn portrait process and keep your sweet newborn safer and away from high traffic areas. All of the props we use in our studio come from reputable artisans who share our passion for high quality products and safe materials and many pieces are custom made and unique to our studio.


Our state of the art newborn only studio also includes a viewing window so that parents (and grandparents) can watch the entire session from our comfortable  parents lounge. This unique studio is ONLY used for newborn photography and is fully cleaned and sanitized after each and every session and closed until the next session keeping this a clean, safe space for your delicate newborn.

Designer studio wardrobe

All of our clients enjoy complimentary wardrobe styling for their maternity and family portraits. We offer an extensive studio wardrobe full of handmade designer gowns and accessories for every beautiful body type that will not only photograph beautifully but make you feel beautiful and revived as well. After all, you deserve it mama!

For siblings, we offer an array of outfit options in various sizes to compliment our photography style and that will photograph beautifully.

Parents lounge

Our comfortable parents lounge is located right next to the newborn studio (so that you can watch the whole session in comfort) and includes a comfy seating area so you can just sit back, completely relax, and even enjoy some complimentary coffee, tea, or cocoa. Our quiet parents lounge gives our clients time to make any necessary phone calls, enjoy some quiet time browsing the internet (free Wi-Fi available), or even get some much needed rest (we promise not to tell anyone if you take a little nap).  Netflix, Disney+, and free Wi-Fi are also available.  It really is the perfect opportunity and place to just relax while we take care of baby.

Changing station and quiet feeding area

Our comfy baby changing station, fully stocked with an abundance of diapers and wipes, makes clean up an absolute breeze. We offer our clients a safe, sturdy, and clean changing table as well so you don't have to change your little one on the  floor.

Our quiet feeding area includes a comfy rocker, boppy pillows, and burp cloths to make feeding a quiet, comfortable experience for both mom and baby. We also offer clean warm filtered water for baby's feeding needs so you don't need to worry about bringing a water bottle with you. Everything is cleaned (using baby friendly detergents) and completely sanitized after every session for the safety of our clients.

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