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Documenting your little ones first 24 hours in the hospital

This certainly isn't how I wanted to start the new ADPD blog but these are unprecedented and, quite honestly, scary times that we are facing- especially as mothers to new babies. Chances are, due to the Coronavirus your hospital has limited visitor access during these troubling times, and you aren’t able to get your photographer in for your Fresh 48 images. If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed about these images for the last 9 months and you're heart may be breaking at the possibility of not being able to capture those first few images. But don't fret, mama- I'm still here to help! While I can’t be there with you documenting this sweet time, I can give you my top three professional tips to help you take your own beautiful Fresh 48 images to help you document your baby's first few days. Tip 1: Find the light

Overhead lighting in your hospital room likely isn’t the best and most flattering for pictures since it is considered a very flat light source. And let's be honest...there probably isn't a lot of it. So, my suggestion to you is to find the light- which usually means shooting by the window. Don’t be afraid to open up the curtains and blinds to use the natural light available. Typically, I will roll the bassinet over to the window and take solo pictures of baby over there since I can usually position the bassinet to create flattering shadows for baby. For imagery by the window, I find that morning is the best time as the sun is still a little lower in the sky.

Tip 2: Play with angles

One of the best pro tips that I can give you is to always shoot ‘down the nose’ which means that you stand at the top of baby’s head and shoot down the face or from the side instead of standing directly in front of baby at their feet. This helps prevent ‘shooting up the nose’ and straight into the baby’s nostrils as it doesn’t make the most flattering picture. That said, sometimes, shooting up the nose can’t be avoided, even if you’re standing in just the right spot- especially if you are trying to capture a sweet baby yawn (my favorite) since you never know when they are going to happen. In the sample image below, she went to yawn right as I was moving to a different angle- but it was just too sweet to miss out on because baby yawns are seriously the cutest thing ever.

I also love to bring a step stool with me to shoot from above- it's a great opportunity to get a full body shot of baby (plus the step stool comes in handy for sibling shots around the bassinet). Your hospital room may come already have a foot stool that you can use for nursing- this will probably be perfect.

Tip 3: Capture the details

The small details are often times some of the first details we forget after leaving the hospital. So get in there and take those detail shots. Take shots of those sweet little feet with their hospital band and tiny little fingers. And if you can capture your pediatrician in action- take the shot! These are the things that you will forget and likely miss. Document everything for the baby book-even if you think its ridiculous- a lot of my clients love the detail shots the most. I know I do.

While it doesn’t take the place of professional photography, these tips will hopefully help you take better images while your favorite photographer isn’t available to help. And remember, ADPD is currently booking newborn sessions up to 8 weeks so you still have an opportunity to get those stunning posed studio images. Stay healthy! *Amber D'Anne*

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